BrandMeister Net Canada || DMR-MARC Net Canada (302 NET)

January 07 2018 
DMR-MARC Net Canada --->>>  BrandMeister Net Canada ||
DMR Net Canada (all TG302 linked, now only one DMR Net)

Success : boom goes the dynamite !! .... take cover 

On January 07 2018 we had an explosion in the DMR community. In an effort to build on our success and reliability of the Net and an ongoing project to spread Canada's Ham Radio communication voice. We now have a huge communication resource with the linking of Talkgroup 302 DMR-Marc and Brandmeister.

We now finally have the BrandMeister Net Canada || DMR-MARC Net Canada -  (302 Net linked) with the infrastructure from CANADA-DMRQ

CANADA-DMRQ infrastructure was used to bridge the 2 cores.
TG302 Distribution, CAN-TRBO <-> MCC3021 <=> DMRQ <-> ALL DMR NETS

Please see for any updates :

more to follow.

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