Announcement ::  After 5 years we have switched to the new project

Please follow the new CANADA DMR NET
[VE3ORF 3730]
Tuesday weekly at 9:00 PM ET and on the repeater system VE3ORF located In beautiful downtown Ottawa.   They offer 3 Digital Long Range Repeaters and a 220 MHZ Digital Repeater Gateway.


DMR Net Canada being hijacked

DMR Net Canada being hijacked

As of February 2018 : 
DMR Net Canada being hijacked the claims by a group of nefarious individuals in Toronto Canada of a "new dmr net".   This is False,   Because of the hijack of the DMR Net Canada we will not tolerate this actions.

The enjoyment and success of the DMR Net Canada for many 4 maybe 5 years before the February 2018 confrontation of individuals that have claims of a new net.

The DMR Net Canada was created / founded by VE3WZW Andre VE3SP.COM for the purpose of Education and Enjoyment, to promote Amateur Radio to the Community.    This was a successful project for many years with Amateur Radio Operator across Canada.   A project I (Andre)  truthfully enjoyed at the time and was involved with many other Amateur Radio Operators that volunteered as host and Net Controllers.

If a group now wishes to copy or claim  ..... what was created and founded by VE3WZW ANDRE

We hope it may be learned lessons from our many years of success and will benefit the Amateur Ham community

With the recent abusive individuals and the same persons that in the past causing abuse Spoofing CCS7 DMR id,  disruption on and during the net leading up to this announcement.

I have spent many hours on phone calls to Amateur Radio operators to explain and update the status of events.

I believe many now understand the scope and propaganda.

I want to make clear,  my name and call-sign used as slander or lies or name dropping for association is not accepted or welcomed.  Not limited to use for slander in child like created videos and audio out of context and edited to music and unauthorized use of myself pictures   .... by known criminals.

I have created a new project and many are involved and rewarded with the newly found joy in Amateur Radio like myself.   Most are welcome

VE3WZW Andre

Other nefarious actions in Toronto and CANADA Include ::


DMR Net Canada for January 11 2018 _____

DMR Net Canada for January 11 2018 - _______

To be updated.

We have had many discussions about this subject with Operators across Canada and have highlighted the abusive individuals in TORONTO CANADA totalling some ten (10) persons.

We understand :  These degenerates are disruptive and abusive why dont they start a NET instead of the actions taken to hijack our successes.

Everyone said because they heard VE3WZW Andre voice as the creator and founder of the NET.  Many did not understand the DMR NET was being hijacked.

Is this what HAM Radio is now

more to follow


DMR Net Canada for January 04 2018 - ABUSES AND SHUT DOWN

Please share the follow :

DMR Net Canada experienced the abomination of some drunk sounding VE3DJZ and VA3HBO hostile disruptions during the regularly scheduled Net with hostile yelling and the cloning spoofing of the CCS7 ids and broadcasted recording over the network by these individuals.

The abuses that has caused many of TORONTO CANADA amateur radio repeaters to be shut down.

Since created and founded 5 years ago by VE3WZW Andre, we have a dedicated group of individuals at the DMR Net CANADA. A group that has volunteered their time and support through hosting over the years. We are please that many in the ham community have welcomed and benefited from the regularly scheduled discussions, collaborations, technical testing and emergency training over the years, rarely missing one Sunday. But we can not tolerate the ignorance and hostile abuses that have caused the repeater(s) to be shut down in Toronto Canada.

The cause of the abuses on primarily; Analog FM, DMR and now other modes from this group of degenerates over many months and year(s), a clan of recently purchased HAM license operators that are motivated by a Amateur Radio Club that have caused many of the repeaters to shut down in Toronto Canada.

So who was causing the hostile disruptions on many networks that we heard for many months and years ? We now know and have proof. But it's not only one simple minded person(s) cause anarchy.

A Toronto amateur radio repeater club president TFMCS VE3HLJ Henry was the first to support his uninvited hostile friend VE3DJZ for the hour during the disruption and has never checked into the net before in 4 plus years, but was the first heard during his friend's disruption and abomination of the DMR Net Canada on Sunday January 04 2018.

We have a group of active vengeant cowards in Toronto Canada that are motivating other simple minded persons to cause anarchy in the Amateur Radio hobby.

This blatant disrespect and hostile abuses can not and should not be tolerated !! It was an abomination.

They have purchased a 30 year call sign (15) domains for extortion, slander and lies. Many wish to have no involvements with these degenerates and are disgusted by the group in Toronto Canada.

please read ::



This is a fantastic time and a time of opportunity. We have some great things that are going to happen out of this, I am looking forward to being involving with many of you. Please stay in contact. We are not going to fade out or fade away.

VE3WZW Andre

Please share : DMR Net Canada for January 04 2018 - ABUSES AND SHUT DOWN


DMR Net Canada

Some Great things are going to happen to the DMR Net Canada

Thanks to everyone who participated,
Stay tuned



Toronto CANADA How Popular DMR was and is

Toronto CANADA How Popular DMR was and is

How Popular DMR was and is :

Hello World. Hello Toronto and Canada,  this gives us so much joy to reflect and remember back, being optimistic we are looking forward to the future of joy again and more joyous events.

Toronto Canada Amateur Radio community repeater VA3XPR

(Remembering when we saw a total of 4000 WorldWide DMR ccs7 UIDs or less)

APRIL 15 2018
APRIL 15 2018 = Users Search: 2752 Canada Only
APRIL 15 2018 = TOTAL 92,710 WORLDWIDE
* Last uid in the database - 13106202 N6DVA Trbo Server
* we understand some users may have more than one CCS7 uid

Toronto and Canada we have a thriving Amateur HAM radio community 68,522 active amateurs in Canada with another 15-20k in other countries and 1633 active clubs (Nov26-2017)

The chart below show the top 10 active DMR users for the last 24 hours, we use examples in Toronto and one repeater. This taken from the LastHeard logging website ve2tax_com (VA2SPB, VA2VAX) of stats values daily.

DMR is :  (Digital Mobile Radio = DMR) aka : BrandMeister |  DMR-Marc |  DMRplus



January 14 2018 Net - BrandMeister Net Canada || DMR-MARC Net Canada

January 14 2018 Net - BrandMeister Net Canada || DMR-MARC Net Canada

The DMR NET received the TORONTO CANADA jamming and abuse from VA3HBO and VE3DJZ  (he seems to like victims)  and more abuses from that group that is associated with him.

READ :::  http://ve3twr.com   http://ve3twr.ca

A very enjoyable DMR Canada Net

Thanks to everyone who participated,



Canada 3021 @ 158-69-203-89 - high latency

Canada 3021 @ 158-69-203-89 :

Reflector (dmr+) 4580 is still being remapped by (IPSC2-CAN-TRBO) which is connected to a "Master" in the USA, Obviously this causes high latency for the return trip, we have been attempting to communicate with CAN-TRBO in order to rectify the situation, but to no avail, we have no response from said group in the past 6 months.

We thank the infrastructure groups

What options does DMR Canada users have >>> parked



BrandMeister Net Canada || DMR-MARC Net Canada (302 NET)

January 07 2018 
DMR-MARC Net Canada --->>>  BrandMeister Net Canada ||
DMR Net Canada (all TG302 linked, now only one DMR Net)

Success : boom goes the dynamite !! .... take cover 

On January 07 2018 we had an explosion in the DMR community. In an effort to build on our success and reliability of the Net and an ongoing project to spread Canada's Ham Radio communication voice. We now have a huge communication resource with the linking of Talkgroup 302 DMR-Marc and Brandmeister.

We now finally have the BrandMeister Net Canada || DMR-MARC Net Canada -  (302 Net linked) with the infrastructure from CANADA-DMRQ

CANADA-DMRQ infrastructure was used to bridge the 2 cores.
TG302 Distribution, CAN-TRBO <-> MCC3021 <=> DMRQ <-> ALL DMR NETS

Please see for any updates :

more to follow.


Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

wishing you all a happy and safe new year 2018.  May your new years be as good or better than the last. Spending with loved ones and friends #hamradio  @VE3WZW


Seasons Greetings from us at the DMR-Marc Canada Net

Seasons Greetings from us at the DMR-Marc Canada Net


DMR-Marc Canada Net @DMRNETcanada
Seasons Greetings from The DMR NET

CAN-TRBO LastHeard

VE7LEE - Ted
VE3HTB - Dave/John
VA3BVH - Bryan
VE3SP.com Andre (Founder)

 #Santa Trackers. For Santa’s arrival? Milk and cookies? A hand-written letter #NORAD (link: http://www.noradsanta.org )

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2017 HAM Radio Canada Christmas Event

2017 HAM Radio Canada Christmas Event
Southern Ontario Canada : please advise if arriving from out of town.

Details to follow
Link :   bit.ly/hamchristmas

Link  ::    bit.ly/hamchristmas