DMR Net Canada being hijacked

DMR Net Canada being hijacked

As of February 2018 : 
DMR Net Canada being hijacked the claims by a group of nefarious individuals in Toronto Canada of a "new dmr net".   This is False,   Because of the hijack of the DMR Net Canada we will not tolerate this actions.

The enjoyment and success of the DMR Net Canada for many 4 maybe 5 years before the February 2018 confrontation of individuals that have claims of a new net.

The DMR Net Canada was created / founded by VE3WZW Andre VE3SP.COM for the purpose of Education and Enjoyment, to promote Amateur Radio to the Community.    This was a successful project for many years with Amateur Radio Operator across Canada.   A project I (Andre)  truthfully enjoyed at the time and was involved with many other Amateur Radio Operators that volunteered as host and Net Controllers.

If a group now wishes to copy or claim  ..... what was created and founded by VE3WZW ANDRE

We hope it may be learned lessons from our many years of success and will benefit the Amateur Ham community

With the recent abusive individuals and the same persons that in the past causing abuse Spoofing CCS7 DMR id,  disruption on and during the net leading up to this announcement.

I have spent many hours on phone calls to Amateur Radio operators to explain and update the status of events.

I believe many now understand the scope and propaganda.

I want to make clear,  my name and call-sign used as slander or lies or name dropping for association is not accepted or welcomed.  Not limited to use for slander in child like created videos and audio out of context and edited to music and unauthorized use of myself pictures   .... by known criminals.

I have created a new project and many are involved and rewarded with the newly found joy in Amateur Radio like myself.   Most are welcome

VE3WZW Andre

Other nefarious actions in Toronto and CANADA Include ::


Listen to Audio PROOF ::

AUDIO of :: William Marquis VE3KUU aka former VA3HBO of SCARBOROUGH -Toronto 
Toronto CANADA HAM Amateur Radio Jamming :   I Gotta Put Andres ID In My Radio
Toronto CANADA HAM Amateur Radio Jamming :   I Set The Beam Up To Jam DMR
Toronto CANADA HAM Amateur Radio Jamming :   I Wont Jam Any More On The DMR
Toronto CANADA HAM Amateur Radio Jamming :   There Will Be Noo Canada-Wide Sunday Night Nets

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